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Eco Medics Conference

The flagship Eco Medics event where like-minded individuals gather from around the world, in-person and online, to educate, empower and energise one another in our common goal to battle the climate crisis. These events are hugely popular, and always for free. 

For our next conference, please register your interest here.

For recordings of Eco Medics 2022, click here

For a recording of Eco Medics 2021, click here.

Spotlight Sessions Talk Series

In this talk series, we collaborate with guest speakers to shine the line on some of the incredible work being done by individuals and grass roots organisations across the healthcare industry. In each session, there is a brief presentation from each speaker, followed by a discussion that we open to the floor. Where the conversation goes is up to you... Only one thing is for sure - you will leave the session feeling empowered and energised in our collective fight for a more sustainable future! For previous sessions,  click here.

Got a story to share? Get in touch here

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Directors' Cut Talk Series

In this series, we invite hospital and organisational directors to come together to share their progress and experiences as they drive the institutional changes needed to achieve a truly sustainable healthcare system. Each session is unique, providing insight into the remarkable progress being made and the challenges faced by those in charge of all the big decisions. 

For a recording of our June 2022 Directors' Cut, click here.

Are you a director pioneering the future of sustainable healthcare? We'd love to hear from you - get in touch.   

Woodland Retreat

Immerse yourself in nature at our Eco Medics Woodland Retreat! Surrounded by forest, we spend the weekend practising yoga, going on guided nature walks and engaging in fireside talks all while learning about the interplay between climate, health, and healthcare. 

Next Retreat: 31 May - 2 June, 2024

For more information & tickets click here.


Other Events

Throughout the year, our incredible events team organise a whole range of other standalone events. These may be nature based networking socials, deep dive workshops into quality improvement methodology, or immersive art exhibitions. For previous events, click here.


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