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Previous Events

Student Society Meeting
15th February 2022

Medical student liaison officers, Dhruv and Zuzanna, ran a fantastic lecture and workshop with students from around the UK on how to set up a sustainable healthcare society. Drawing on their own experience gained setting up societies at their own university, they were able to inspire others to start their own societies. This event was a key milestone in one of our goals for 2022: to ensure every medical school in the UK has a sustainable healthcare society. 

RCEM Environmental Study Day
8th February 2022


The Royal College of Emergency Medicine is currently running a GreenED pilot project, with various emergency departments around the UK testing a new framework that defines standards to be met in terms of sustainability. On 8th February 2022, RCEM ran an environmental study day that discussed various aspects of sustainable healthcare. Our founder, Dr Nathan Hudson-Peacock, gave a short presentation and was part of the afternoon panel discussion session.

Eco Medics Spotlight Session #1
13th September 2021
1800hrs BST

The first in our series of "Spotlight Sessions" where we will give a 30 mins presentation on some of the incredible work being done across the NHS to push the Net Zero NHS agenda - from Eco Medics activity, to other grass roots groups, all the way up to spotlighting various NHS trusts that have been doing some incredible work on their journey towards a net zero NHS. This is followed by 15 minutes where we open the discussion to the floor, during which time we can help you troubleshoot an existing QIP project or give you some top tips to hit the ground running with your next big idea, or we can all brainstorm future projects! Only one thing is for sure - you will leave the session feeling empowered and energised in our collective fight for a more sustainable future! 

Environmental Sustainability within the NHS

2 September 2021

1800 hrs BST

To celebrate UCLH declaring a Climate Emergency, the Healthcare Arts Collective launched a series of talks on NHS Sustainability. It was a pleasure to talk at this event!

RSA Virtual Coffeehouse

11 June 2021

1200hrs BST 


QIP Skills Workshop

3 June 2021

1800hrs BST 

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Conference 2021

8 May 2021

1000hrs - 1330hrs BST

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