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Welcome to Sustainable QI


Hello there! ​EcoMedics believe that sustainable Quality Improvement projects are a great way to reduce the impact of the NHS on the environment and climate change

We also know it can be overwhelming to make a start

So we created the EcoMedics SusQIP Bank - a collection of SusQIP templates ready to download and implement in your place of work

These templates are collaborative, based on the methods and experiences of successful projects, and come with all the planning, calculations and hard work already done to streamline the SusQIP process and make your life in SuSQI easier

Read on to find a SusQIP that suits you or to submit your own SusQIP for others to follow


We can achieve so much more together

SusQIP methodology

What is SusQIP?

Sustainable QI is a concept developed by the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare.


EcoMedics like SusQI as a model because it considers the environmental, social and financial impacts of an intervention as well as patient outcomes.

Follow the CSH link to read more about SusQI

Submit a QIP

How do I submit a SusQIP?

Submitting your SusQIP is easy via our SusQIP template


If you have any questions email us

Why should I submit a SusQIP?

The satisfaction of contributing to our eco-minded community!

But as well as that:


  • Adding your SusQIP to our bank will magnify it's impact. We will give you regular updates on how many times your SusQIP has been actioned and the total CO2e savings it has accumulated.

  • You will be the accredited author of the QIP template and if we subsequently publish your SusQIP in an academic journal, you will retain author credit

  • We can provide a certificate for your portfolio (useful for interviews)

  • You may have the chance to present your SusQIP at the EcoMedics Conference or as an EcoMedics blog post

QIP Bank

The SusQIP Bank

The SusQIP Bank will be up and running very soon.

Keep your eyes peeled for announcements on our social media.

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