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The Sustainable Healthcare Society Checklist

Welcome to our quick-fire society creation checklist! The suggestions below have been developed as a rough guide for you to get a feel of what the steps are to setting up your very own sustainable healthcare society. We understand every institution works differently, so we've kept things broad to allow you to create a society that fits the niche and needs of your individual university. Happy reading! 

The Team

Having a great team of like-minded students is essential to run a successful society. Start by proposing the idea to your friends and colleagues -  You might be surprised by how many students are interested!

⬚  Build your committee: A President, Secretary and Treasurer are essential roles to start with

⬚  An Events Officer and Publicity Officer are also valuable roles to have on your committee

⬚  Gauge interest across year groups - A society panning several years is naturally sustainable

Social Media

Social media channels are essential to reach out to students, network with other societies and gain publicity for your events.

⬚  Gmail and Google Drive: Your initial contact email address and cloud storage platform

⬚  Instagram: To form your society ‘image’ and gain recognition

⬚  Facebook: To widen your follower base and advertise events

⬚  Twitter: Networking and collaborating with like-minded projects


The bread and butter of your society! Easier than ever before with the prevalence of virtual educational events.

⬚  Brainstorm event ideas together as a team - think outside the box! 

⬚  Set up a yearly plan and stick to deadlines

⬚  Collaborate with other societies to increase the reach of your events


Running a society does not need to cost a fortune. Many universities provide free access to online platforms such as Zoom and speakers usually give talks pro-bono. However, some events may require funding.

⬚  Set up a society bank account - Consider using Bank Green to help you decide where to go

⬚  Contact professional organisations - Medical Indemnifiers e.g. the MDU or MPS  and  Wesleyan are great starts. They are often happy to sponsor small sums in exchange for including their logo in your events and  posters

⬚  Contact local businesses - restaurants, cafes and  shops will often want to help!


Affiliate with the Student Union at your university to benefit from university branding, publicity and funding opportunities.  

⬚  And of course, don't forget to let us know about it too! 

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