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Eco Medics branded 8oz KeepCup.


Did you know, the NHS uses over 200 million disposable cups every single year, at an estimated cost of over £5 million? With an Eco Medics branded reusable KeepCup, you can start being a part of the reusable revolution.


By using a KeepCup instead of disposables, you will be saving the NHS money, saving yourself money (by accessing those coffee shop discounts!) and you will be reducing your carbon footprint - see just how much carbon you will be saving by clicking here!



The Eco Medics KeepCup comes in 6 different colours, that together make up the colours of the NHS rainbow. Individual choices, taken together, make a real impact.



The Eco Medics KeepCup comes in clear plastic or glass. Go for glass for the ultimate, top-quality flavour experience.


Care Instructions

For care instructions, please see the KeepCup website.



Eco Medics accepts no liability for problems or issues arising from the purchase, resale or usage of these products.



Sale of these cups are not for profit and all proceeds support the running costs of Eco Medics such as website, accountancy and so. None of our team members take a salary from Eco Medics and this is all run voluntarily in our free time alongside our jobs as NHS doctors.  


Funded by the Royal Society of Arts

Eco Medics Reusable KeepCup

PriceFrom £13.00
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