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Sustainable MedEd Hackathon

Our Brand New Competition for Medical Students

Are you a medical student with a passion for sustainability? Have you ever wondered how your medical school could do more to teach tomorrow's doctors about sustainable healthcare? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you've come to the right place! Read on to find out how you could be in with the chance to present at our international conference in 2022, win other great prizes and even earn a CV point or three! 

The Context

According to the General Medical Council’s Outcomes for Graduates 2018, all UK medical school curricula should include teaching on sustainable healthcare¹. Newly qualified doctors should be able to outline the principles underlying sustainable healthcare, evaluate the role of environmental hazards in ill-health and explain the impact that global changes may have on local health.


But is this actually happening? This is where you come in! We want you to show us how you would put sustainable healthcare front-and-centre in your curriculum. It’s time to get creative! 

¹ Outcomes for graduates 2018


The Briefing

  • Create a short (between 5 and 10 minutes) video explaining how you would integrate sustainable healthcare into your medical school curriculum, using the GMC 2018 Outcomes as guidance. 

  • There are no specific rules, be as creative as you like! Ideas include a Vlog style film, interviews with fellow students or teachers, an animated video or a narrated powerpoint. 

  • Try to cover the following areas: Identify the challenges you will face, propose your solutions while telling us their strengths and limitations, and how you will evaluate the success of your proposal.

  • You might like to use 'SMART-Er' goals to help your structure (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time Bound, Environmentally Responsible), but this is by no means a necessity! 

  • Marking criteria will include but is not limited to the following: 

    • Originality of idea 

    • Impact of proposal 

    • Feasibility of proposal

    • Quality of production and presentation


All submissions should be made by email to by 23:59hrs on Sunday, 08/05/2022.


The winning team will have the opportunity to present their work at our international conference in May. Each participant will receive an Eco Medic KeepCup and a Revolution Zero reusable face mask. And for those wanting even more of an incentive, watch this space for even more prize material up for grabs very soon.

The Small Print

  • This competition is open to all medical students (UK and international) 

  • 1-4 students per submission. You should all ideally be from the same medical school but if you are unable to find other students to team up with, please contact us at and we will attempt to allocate you to a group.

  • By submitting to this competition, all authors agree for their material to be on the Eco Medics website, social media platforms and at the Eco Medics Conference 2022.

And that's all - Happy hacking! 

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